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Martin O’Bryan

Nevada, USA

I want to thank you guys for a safe delivery, and good customer service. Me and my friends are going to rock this brand new PS5.

Kingsly Rolland

Machester, UK

I was so anxious when the new PS5 was released and I’m happy to finally be owner of one all thanks to the help of Official Playstation Store and its members.

Jade Morrison

Texas, USA

Ordering stuffs online ain’t easy but I’m glad this site didn’t let me down. You guys stick to your word and ensure safe delivery. My children will love this new ps5.

Bobby Taylor

Maine, USA

I just want to say thanks for safe delivery of my package though it delayed a day as compared to the given arrival date.

Jennifer Gregson

New York, USA

Thank you guys for making my son’s birthday gift available, he was so happy to received it. 

Michael Schunner

Berlin, Germany

Wow!!! The game is so amazing compared to the last PS4 I had which gave me lots of trouble. I’m glad I got a new one more better than the last one. Thanks again guys..

Patrick Culbert

Birmingham, UK

Paying with bitcoin was so much fun, you guys even gave me an extra disc as my gift for using bitcoin as payment method. I’m gonna refer more of my friends here.

Thomas Bradfield

Melbourne, Australia

Delivery took so long 3 extra days, i’m not quiet happy with that. Please next time work on the delivery process more faster. Nevertheless, I appreciate the safe delivery.

Alphonse Ivanic

Toronto, Canada

Best game playstation have produced so far. The brand new ps5 is damn lit!!! 

Younes MCcarthy

Milan, Italy

My package lacked one disk, please guys try to send to me. I appreciate the safe delivery though. 

Michelle Susan

Chicago, USA

Since the latest X Box Series game came out my 2 sons haven’t stop bugging me to get one for them. Now I can finally have some fresh breath. I appreciate with the help of you guys.

Quincy Davidson

Winnipeg, Canada

Bitcoin payment gradually taking over other payment method, I so love it. Its fast and easy. I’m finally a ps5 owner.

Thomas Summers

New Jersey, USA

Friendly customer service, package original not fake copy. I really appreciate you guys help. My long awaited playstation 5 is finally here.

Larry Conte

Vancouver, Canada

I had problem with one disc not able to play, so i’m going to return to be exchange. Thanks and I appreciate the effort of safe delivery.

Morgan Felix

Paris, France

Zut!!! La livraison a été silencieuse, rapide et exactement à l’heure. Je ne peux pas m’empêcher d’être prêt à ouvrir mon nouveau jeu. Merci !!!

Misty Dorge

Prescott Valley, USA

Best game website I’ve seen so far, easy navigation, reliable customer service and safe delivery of package. Payment method so nice. Thanks so much guys